Leveraging AI to scale word-of-mouth marketing through micro-influencers

Remove manual effort & guesswork and measure the true reach of your Influencer Marketing campaigns.

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Affable is an end-to-end platform


Find the most relevant and authentic influencers for your brand. Affable analyses images uploaded by influencers to recommend the most suitable profile among millions of users out there.


Reach out to all influencers you are interested to work with, in an effortless and seamless way. Manage and schedule your campaign to maximize the ROI. Affable optimizes the audience overlap to make sure that you reach a targeted and distinct audience.

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Measure the true reach of the influencer posts by looking at the demographics and psychographics of the audience that engages with the influencer content. For the first time, you can now measure if the influencer content is reaching your target audience.

AI that helps with detailed analytics for any influencer

Advanced Search Filters

Find influencers based on advanced filters including Country, Age, Gender, Follower-count & Interests of the Influencer and/or their followers.

Image-based interest search for any niche

Affable scours through the images uploaded by users to recommend the most relevant influencer for any niche. Content not in English? No problem. Images know no language!

Insights into influencer’s audience

We use advanced computer vision to analyze faces of users from their public images to determine their demographics. No more spending marketing dollars on the wrong audience!


Detailed competitive analysis

Affable analyses the content uploaded by influencers to suggest you which brands they are affiliated with. See who your competitors are working with and avoid working with the same users!

Don’t fall for fake-followers

We have developed machine-learning models that can detect a real user from a suspicious account. Careful whom you work with – you definitely do not want to sell to bots.

Find Influencer Trends

Affable’s content discovery helps you find what is trending among influencer community using advanced filtering with hashtags, brand and interest filters.

Measure true reach

Affable’s reach analyzer helps you find how much of the actual engagement came from your target audience. For the first time, you will now be able to measure if you are spending $$ reaching the right people.

Affordable pricing with a free trial


USD 3/credit

USD 1 / credit

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1 credit = 1 Influencer Analytics for 1 Month or
up to 40 influencer searches with advanced filters or
up to 40 content searches with advanced filters

10 Free Credits. No credit card required.

Post-campaign reports


USD 1000

USD 500 / month

Offer Price

1 Account

Unlimited advanced discovery searches

1000 influencer analytics

3 post-campaign reports

Team onboarding & Offline Support

Weekly influencer marketing newsletter

Data Export


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Team Accounts for collaboration

Unlimited discovery searches

Unlimited influencer analytics

Unlimited post-campaign reports

Team onboarding & Offline Support

Weekly influencer marketing newsletter

Data export

Our Affable Team

Nisarg Shah

CEO, Co-Founder

Swayam Narain

CTO, Co-Founder

Shweta Sharma

Senior Software Engineer

Kai Xiang

Data Engineer

Clarence Castillo

UI/UX Ninja

Rais Fawwazi

Data Engineer

Tanya Kumbhat

Business Development Associate


Hiring for multiple roles

How Affable Helps Our Partners Grow


“Affable provides a simple to use platform for brands to find and engage online influencers. Built for the data-driven marketer, I’m liking what I see… and use!”

Jeremy Seow, MD, WE Singapore

“Currently it’s still difficult to find and select the right influencers on social media, as well as to measure their effectiveness. Affable is the first tool that makes this possible.”

Wouter Muis, Co-Founder, Bundies

“Looking for the right influencers can be very time-consuming at times. With Affable, I am able to not only look for influencers which best fit my criteria but at the same time, measure their effectiveness.”

Imran Osman, Account Executive, SPRG

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