Our Platform Tracks

  • 3M+ Influencers
  • 200K+ Brands

Discover authentic Influencers in any category using Advanced Filters

Save up to 80% of your time in finding the right influencer

  • Filter Influencers by interest, brand affiliation, location, gender, and audience

  • Predict their audience reach

  • Receive in-depth insights into any influencer’s follower base - demographics, interests, and other brand partnerships

Eliminate influencers with fake followers

Don't spend marketing $$ on Fake followers!

  • Analyze Influencers for their % suspicious followers

  • Track the follower growth trajectory for any Influencer

Contact Influencers and manage your relationships using Affable's built-in CRM

Contacting Influencers has never been so easy!

  • Email shortlisted influencers in bulk

  • Track your replies and negotiate terms and conditions directly from our platform

Measure the true reach of your Influencer Campaigns

Track the ROI of your Influencer campaigns

  • Affable's post-campaign analytics helps you track engagement from in-target audience

  • Identify the Influencers that were not effective in past campaigns to refine your Influencer marketing strategy

Discover and leverage Influencer marketing trends in any region

  • Track industry trends & competitor stats

  • Discover the most active brands and trending #hashtags among influencers

Can’t find an Influencer on our platform? No problem

Analyze profiles in minutes!

  • We allow all users to add an Influencer to our platform instantly

  • Just click analyze on a non-existing Influencer and their complete profile will be added to our platform and delivered to your email in minutes!

API Integration

Integrate Influencer Data & Campaign Content Data directly in your application


Affordable pricing for companies of all sizes


  • 1 Account
  • Limited advanced discovery searches
  • 50 Influencer analytics / mo
  • 1 Active Campaign
  • FB, YT & TikTok Channel Access
  • Data Export as CSV & Powerpoint
  • Influencer CRM
  • Story Tracking
  • Dedicated Account Manager


  • 1 Account
  • Access to data for 1 Region
  • Unlimited advanced discovery searches
  • 200 Influencer analytics / mo
  • 3 Active Campaigns
  • Data Export as CSV & Powerpoint
  • Influencer CRM
  • IG, FB, YT & TikTok available
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Story Tracking (add on)
  • Whitelabelled Reports
  • Collaboration Accounts


  • Team Accounts for collaboration
  • Team onboarding & Offline Support
  • Unlimited advanced discovery searches
  • 400 Influencer Analytics / User / mo
  • Data Export
  • 5 Active Campaigns / user
  • Influencer CRM
  • Story Tracking
  • IG, FB, YT & TikTok available
  • API Access Available
  • Whitelabelled Reports
  • Dedicated Account Manager

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